Everything listed here is subject to change at any given time and without any prior warning so it is advised that all drivers and staff not only follow everything listed, but to also keep checking them in case an update or amendment has been made. 

Please note that failure to follow the rules, policies and or guidelines listed here will be subject to either investigation, punishment and or dismissal procedures. 

1.0 – Admission / Recruitment Policies

The legal age in order to join Alle Group is 13+ years or over

All applicants should or must have a full and legal copy of either – American Truck Sim, Bus Sim, Euro Truck Sim, Farm Sim, Flight Sim or Train simulator; including any if not all DLC’s for those games.

All applicants must have a method of communication, mainly Discord.

All applicants must NOT have any current active bans prior to submitting an application. 

All applicants must NOT have been banned within the last three months. 

All applicants must NOT currently be a member of any other virtual company prior to submitting an application. 

All applicants are required to be able to both speak and understand English at a basic level. 

Upon successful application and recruitment into Alle Group all new drivers, operators, pilots or staff are required to download our purpose built multiplayer profile(s), mod packages including skins, and or to input our tag into their in-game name(s) where applicable.

1.1 – Disciplinary policy

Every driver and staff are subject to a 2 strike verbal and written warning which would mainly be given by our Human Resources team or above depending on who is investigating the transgression. 

Every investigation or disciplinary procedure begins with our Human Resources team of whom would be the first in line to handle any reports or complaints coming in regarding any one of our drivers or staff and if they feel that the investigation can be elevated then it will be referred to the General Manager, and then to the Department Director & Director of Human Resources who will continue the investigation and come to a conclusion with a disciplinary action recommended or advised to take which is entirely dependent on how severe the transgression or incident is. 

Human Resources can only elevate an investigation if or when a driver or staff member under investigation gains a second strike whilst an investigation is ongoing having already been given a first strike, of which will be a verbal warning. Once a written warning has been issued the investigation can be elevated higher up the staffing panel, once an investigation has been concluded a recommendation will be given to Human Resources on the appropriate action to take.

Depending on the recommendation(s) given the course of action could lead to a dismissal from Alle Group , and this includes dismissals from either of our child companies also. 

1.2 – Discord Policies 

Our drivers and staff are permitted to join as many Discord servers as they wish to, providing that they bear the [A’G] tag in all servers they’re a member in. This is because as they are a member of Alle Group they are representing us wherever they are and with this being said, we’d like them to do this with pride and positivity. 

The only servers which our drivers and staff are permitted to advertise Alle Group recruitment are: TruckersMP, TruckersFM / Other radio station Discord servers, Promods, Trucky DIscord server and so on. They are prohibited from advertising in any other virtual company server, there may however be an exception for partnered company servers should they allow it however in most cases it wouldn’t be. 

Drivers and staff are NOT to directly message any other player who are not part of Alle Group in order to attempt to recruit them into our company, unless if a player messages one of us to enquire about joining then we may provide that info otherwise we do our recruitment or advertisement the proper way. 

Drivers and staff may not bear the company tag within our own Discord server if they do not wish to, however it looks more formal if they do. 

1.3 – Communications Policies

It is essential that communication is constant, whether in-game or not we require all drivers and staff to communicate with us whether the communication is game related or not as this would be an indication regarding activity (See 1.4). 

When using the voice comms channels please do not use any voice changers, or sound boards for we want to keep the comms as clear and crystal as possible. 

Try not to talk over one another and if need be wait until someone has finished speaking before either responding or saying whatever it is you need to say. 

Whenever in-game it is paramount that our drivers and staff are on voice comms as this is an easier method of communication in-game, it is more direct 

When participating in an event or convoy it is essential that you keep communication to a bare minimum to allow for SESC (Special Escort Group) or any other convoy or event control and management teams can provide un-interrupted and clear information and directions to the column. 

1.4 – Driver / Staff Activity & Inactivity

We do not require our drivers and staff to be active 24/7 yet we do need them to be active enough both in and out of the game. Ideally, 1-2 hours on every other day or on a Mon, Weds, Fri pattern and it’d be optional over the weekend and by following this example it would allow us for more time to spend on our real lives and or real life commitments. 

If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, then you will need to submit or request a Leave of Absence to let us know when and how long you will be inactive for. 

If you let us know that you will be active for a particular event or convoy then we will expect you to be there, unless a valid given reason is made known to us for us not to expect you there. Otherwise if you do not show up, despite telling us that you will be attending and you end up ignoring our messages then you will be facing disciplinary action (See 1.1). 

1.5 – In-Game driving, jobs, vehicle customisations

As our drivers and staff are part of Alle Group it is essential that they represent us by bearing our company paint job(s) in-game, they can do this either by using their own profile(s) and copying / pasting the provided hex codes (If playing ATS / ETS), or by using our purpose built profile(s) of which will have everything set up for them. 

We allow for customisations to be made to your vehicle(s) however, it is not permitted at any time to change or re-colour the paint job(s). Ideally we would love to go for a more formal and uniformed look as this would represent our company(ies) a lot better and display us a lot better to other players. 

Drivers and staff are now no longer permitted to install an excessive amount of lights to their vehicle, this mainly goes for beacons and light bars or LED lights / spot & fog lamps. 

Drivers and staff are to make sure that when installing air or fog horns to their trucks, then they are correctly installed onto the roof of their cabs and not installed on any roof or bull bars. 

We require all drivers and staff to drive with a professional manner and not at any time exceed the speed limit(s), drive into congested areas in order to further cause congestion or just because other players are there. 

Drivers and staff are NOT at any time permitted to block off any roads, entrances / exits, junctions / cross roads, traffic lights, lanes, on / off ramps, roundabouts unless either they’re an admin in game or special permission is given. 

Drivers and staff are NOT at any time permitted to exceed the speed limit(s) for any reason, unless permission is given by upper staff. Otherwise max speed in most areas of Europe for trucks is 80/90 KMH on highways and 50 KMH within cities, in some cases this increases to 100KMH and the speed limit for cars is pretty much the same whereas cars can go 110 KMH. 

You must ensure that your vehicles are in a proper roadworthy condition, if need be take the vehicle to a repair shop for maintenance or servicing before taking a job. 

You must ensure that you know when and where to correctly use the headlights, high beams, hazards and beacons. 

It is advised never to use your beacons unless you are either transporting / hauling an abnormal, heavy, or wide load – entering any construction sites or quarries, conducting piloting and or escort duties. 

Should you gain any damage to your vehicle when on the road, participating in a convoy or even then take it to the nearest repair shop for service or maintenance. Do not try to continue driving in a damaged vehicle which may not even be in a roadworthy condition otherwise you’re just going to cause problems, not just for yourself but to others. 

If you’re doing a job in game which may be tracked and logged then make sure you finish the job instead of abandoning or cancelling the job half way through for whatever reason(s), if you cannot continue the job due to going inactive then save your progress beforehand and get back to it later. 

Never intentionally cause accidents, collisions, ram or flip any other vehicle or player. 

DO NOT text and drive.

1.6 – Events, Convoys, Piloting / Escort Services

It has always been a written rule within Alle Group that whomever is organising an event or convoy would be the one to lead the column, however this will be amended so that the organiser who planned the route(s) will be the lead pilot in front of the column behind the lead scout. 

In all events or convoys it is essential that we are all in full colours, the same vehicles / trailers for a uniformed look and without any double or triple trailer combinations.

Beacons may only be used by both pilots and scouts at either end of the column, in order to help to reduce lag however hazard warning lights may only be used if recommended by lead CC staff. 

DO NOT bring a loaded trailer with you to any event or convoy, in order to reduce the risk of incurring damages to loads from being in collision with another player ALL trailers must be empty. 

Voice comms must be kept to a minimum amount of chatter from participants in order for CC staff to clearly provide information and or instructions to the rest of the column (See 1.3). 

Scout and pilot vehicles must Never use black or pink paint work on their vehicles, as they need to be seen by other players and due to their primary role evolving around visibility they need to be as bright a colour as possible. 

There must and depending on how many are participating, be 2-4 pilots within a column at all times so 1 at the front, 2 in the middle or somewhere between and 1 at the rear – this is only when there are 10+ participants. There must always be at least 3-4 scout vehicles to scout ahead and to also set up at junctions, entrances / exits, traffic lights, roundabouts, on/off roads. 

Pilot trucks must keep to a speed limit of 80 KMH on highways, 40-70 KMH on smaller roads and 50 KMH within cities. Scout cars must keep to a speed limit of 90-110 KMH on highways, 40-70 KMH on smaller roads and 50 KMH within cities.

1.7 – Driver Tags

It is imperative that for a more uniformed look all of our drivers must have the same tag and colour whilst in-game, the tags vary between the staffing or driver positions so your tag may look different to someone else’s depending on the position you are at within the company.

Each and every tag for non staff members should look as follows…

[A’L] NAME – And should also be ideally the same green colour as what is on your trucks and trailers however, unlike in the workshop where you can copy / paste hex codes the player tag system is using RGB and so it should be this – 0,86,71.

For staff members their tags would be slightly different as they would also include their staff role within the tag and so it should look like this [A’L | CEO] NAME – With the same RGB code: 0,86,71.

If however you are part of our Special Escort Group then your tags would be entirely different but somewhat similar in terms of the layout of which would look like this: [SESC | CC-T1/00] – The “CC” typically meaning Convoy Control, the “T1” meaning the tier level of driving you’re at so in this case Tier 1 would be our more advanced level and the “00” typically meaning which driver number you are.

This however is different for events which you or they could be managing so the tag would look very much the same however the “CC” would be replaced with “EM” meaning Event Management and so the tag would look like this: [SESC | EM-T1/00] and the RGB code for both tags would be – 224,255,0.