Everything listed here is subject to change at any given time and without any prior warning so it is advised that all drivers and staff not only follow everything listed, but to also keep checking them in case an update or amendment has been made.

Amended on:Please note that failure to follow the rules, policies and or guidelines listed here will be subject to disciplinary procedures pending and or following an investigation.

Amended on:
03rd March 2021 – Affecting 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0

4th April 2021 – Affecting 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 7.0 / Introducing Staff Policy 8.0, Partnership Policy 9.0, leave of absence policy 10.0

0.0 – Admission / Recruitment Policies

0.1. The legal age in order to join Alle Group is 16+ years or over

0.2. All applicants should or must have a full and legal copy of either – American Truck Sim, Bus Sim, Euro Truck Sim, Farm Sim, Flight Sim or Train simulator; including any if not all DLC’s for those games.

0.3. All applicants must have a method of communication, mainly Discord with a working microphone.

0.4. All applicants must NOT have any more than 3 current active bans prior to or after submitting an application.

0.5. All applicants must NOT have been banned within the last three months.

0.6. All applicants must NOT currently be a member of any other virtual company prior to submitting an application.

0.7. All applicants are required to be able to both speak and understand English at a basic level.

0.8. Upon successful application and recruitment into Alle Group all new drivers, operators, pilots or staff are required to download our purpose built multiplayer profile(s), mod packages including skins, and or to input our tag into their in-game name(s) where applicable.

0.9. Admissions Team have the option to re-admit a player who were either previously dismissed or if they have left for personal reasons under re-employment.

0.1.0. Should a player apply to join our VTC and then later leave for another VTC, or to create their own we will NOT allow their re-admittance into Alle Group as they would effectively be blacklisted for VTC hopping.

1.0 – Disciplinary policy

1.1. Every driver and staff are subject to a 2 strike verbal and written warning which would mainly be given by our Admissions Team or above depending on who is investigating the transgression.

1.2. Every investigation or disciplinary procedure begins with our Human Admissions Team of whom would be the first in line to handle any reports or complaints coming in regarding any one of our drivers or staff and if they feel that the investigation can be elevated then it will be referred to the General Manager, and then to the Department Director & Director of Human Resources who will continue the investigation and come to a conclusion with a disciplinary action recommended or advised to take which is entirely dependent on how severe the transgression or incident is.

1.3. Admissions Team can only elevate an investigation if or when a driver or staff member under investigation gains a second strike whilst an investigation is ongoing having already been given a first strike, of which will be a verbal warning. Once a written warning has been issued the investigation can be elevated higher up the staffing panel, once an investigation has been concluded a recommendation will be given to Human Resources on the appropriate action to take.

1.4. Depending on the recommendation(s) given the course of action could lead to a dismissal from Alle Group, and this includes dismissals from either of our child companies also.

1.7. Sharing any information or content which may be subject to a privacy or data breach will not be tolerated what so ever, and an instant dismissal given to any person(s) or oeprative(s) who post anything containing illegally obtained images, videos, recordings or otherwise any other data or content and will be banned from our servers.

1.6. Admissions Team may dismiss an operative for continuously ignoring messages either through DM on Discord or a direct message toward them on our communications hub if or when a message has been ignored after the operative(s) had been issued a verbal warning prior due to repeatidly ignoring messages.

1.7. An operative may only be dismissed from the company if or when action has been taken by TruckersMP where the player has either been banned permanently or if ban evidence clearly shows an intent from the player to break the rules.

2.0 – Discord Policies

2.1. Our drivers and staff are permitted to join as many Discord servers as they wish to, providing that they bear the [A’G] tag in all servers they’re a member in. This is because as they are a member of Alle Group they are representing us wherever they are and with this being said, we’d like them to do this with pride and positivity.

2.2. The only servers which our drivers and staff are permitted to advertise Alle Group recruitment are: TruckersMP, TruckersFM / Other radio station Discord servers, Promods, Trucky DIscord server and so on. They are prohibited from advertising in any other virtual company server, there may however be an exception for partnered company servers should they allow it however in most cases it wouldn’t be.

2.3. Drivers and staff are NOT to directly message any other player who are not part of Alle Group in order to attempt to recruit them into our company, unless if a player messages one of us to enquire about joining then we may provide that info otherwise we do our recruitment or advertisement the proper way.

2.4. Drivers and staff may not bear the company tag within our own Discord server if they do not wish to, however it looks more formal if they do.

2.5. All community members are to speak English only in all text and or voice channels otherwise they may use the #multilingual-lounge channel provided for all non-English chat.

2.6. Anyone within the server who shares any information, or content of which are illegally obtained will be banned immediately in accordance to 1.7 of the Disciplinary Policy. 

2.7. Any joke(s) either made to(wards) anybody in the server(s) regarding any illegally obtained content or information will be again, immediately banned from our servers having an investigation been made into the incident and pending the decision from the investigators.

2.8. It is prohibited to join the server with an alternate account unless there is a valid reason to do so, please make sure to let upper staff know before joining the server with an alt account.

3.0 – Communications Policies

3.1. It is essential that communication is constant, whether in-game or not we require all drivers and staff to communicate with us whether the communication is game related or not as this would be an indication regarding activity (See 1.4).

3.2. When using the voice comms channels please do not use any voice changers, or sound boards for we want to keep the comms as clear and crystal as possible.

3.3. Try not to talk over one another and if need be wait until someone has finished speaking before either responding or saying whatever it is you need to say.

3.4. Whenever in-game it is paramount that our drivers and staff are on voice comms as this is an easier method of communication in-game, it is more direct

3.5. When participating in an event or convoy it is essential that you keep communication to a bare minimum to allow for SESC (Special Escort Group) or any other convoy or event control and management teams can provide un-interrupted and clear information and directions to the column.

3.6. In regard to (0.3) you may only need a microphone when playing multiplayer and or if driving with anyone else from Alle Group for a microphone will not be needed if playing single player or on your own.

3.7. All operatives have a 7 day period to respond to messages sent to them by staff members. Should there be no response received from any operative(s) after the 7th day a warning will be issued to the operative(s) for ignoring the message(s), if the same thing occurs again where a member of staff messages any of our operatives for whatever reason then a verbal warning will be issued by Human Resources. If however this happens again after an operative receives a verbal warning then Human Resources my dismiss the operative for continuously ignoring messages from staff without any valid or given reason.

3.8. It is not permitted at any time to record anybody who may be using our voice channels unless you are doing so for media purposes such as live streaming or recording the gameplay of the game(s) you’re currently playing.

4.0 – Driver / Staff Activity & Inactivity

4.1. We do not require our drivers and staff to be active 24/7 yet we do need them to be active enough both in and out of the game. Ideally, 1-2 hours on every other day or on a Mon, Weds, Fri pattern and it’d be optional over the weekend and by following this example it would allow us for more time to spend on our real lives and or real life commitments.

4.2. If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, then you will need to submit or request a Leave of Absence to let us know when and how long you will be inactive for.

4.3. If you let us know that you will be active for a particular event or convoy then we will expect you to be there, unless a valid given reason is made known to us for us not to expect you there. Otherwise if you do not show up, despite telling us that you will be attending and you end up ignoring our messages then you will be facing disciplinary action.

5.0 – Virtual Trucking Company | SP / MP

5.1. All drivers must follow TruckersMP rules no matter what server they’re on.

5.2. Drivers who are not event or media team staff members are no longer permitted to drive Skodas in-game regardless of if they have our tag on or not

5.3. No more than 3 of our drivers can meet up in Calais / Duisburg

5.4. No more than 3 of our drivers can drive along the Calais / Duisburg road at any time

5.5. Never speak to other players in such a way that would get you kicked or banned for using foul or abusive language / behaviour

5.6. Our drivers must drive with professionalism by not only adhering to the rules of the road(s) but also driving with the utmost care and attention

5.7. If you had been banned either before, during or after your training period then please let HR know of this immediately by also supplying evidence for why you were banned

5.8. Only experienced drivers may haul loads with a double or triple trailer

5.9. As an operative of Alle Group we do require you to represent us in-game by using our company paint job(s) on all of your trucks / trailers (To save on using your own profile(s) please download our purpose made profile(s) found in #downloads), it is also a requirement to have our tag set in your name(s).

5.1.0. Although it is a requirement of ours that you use our company paintjob(s) in-game we will allow our operatives to use their own paintjob(s) if driving alone in game and using their own personal truck or profile.

5.1.1. All operatives have the option to personalise / customize their trucks and trailers by doing various modifications or installing a vast range of mods, lights and more however with this said we will not allow for an excessive amount of lighting on your trucks as we need to try and keep a professional and uniformed look.

5.1.2. We require all of our operatives to drive with a professional and curteous manner, to drive safely at all times and to also not exceed the speed limit at any time if they can help it. (If you’re doing 50 kmh and the max speed reduces to 40 kmh for 500 yards to a mile, you may continue at 50 kmh provided that there are no hazards on the road to slow you down or make you stop), if driving in singleplayer however you may exceed the speed limit as much as you like providing that you don’t damage your vehicle or cargo too much.

5.1.3. Our operatives are not to block off any roads, entrances, exits, junctions, slip roads and off ramps, cross roads, trffic lights, lanes, and roundabouts unless they are an in-game admin or have special permissions given to them to do so.

5.1.4. You must ensure that your vehicle is in a proper road worthy condition before either driving or taking any jobs / cargo, if either your truck or trailer has excessive damage to them then take them to the repair shop immediate

5.1.5. If you end up with 10%+ or more damge to either truck or trailer whilst on the road then please pull over onto the hard shoulder / emergency lane to repair your truck (If playing multiplayer) otherwise you may either F7 to the local repair shop or load a save file.

5.1.6. You must know when and where to correctly use your headlights, high beams, beacons and or hazard warning lights

5.1.7. You must never use your beacons on the road unless you are either pulling into a quarry or construction site, hauling a heavy / abnormal load or conducting piloting and escort duties.

5.1.8. If or when doing a jon in-game you must make sure that you finish the job. If however you cannot finish your job if you don’t have enough time to then save the game and load it back up afterward or when you’re in-game next.

5.1.9. Never at any time abandon the job which you either started doing or are close to finishing if you sustain any damages due to a collision.

5.2.0. Never intentionally cause accidents, collisions, ram or flip over any other player in-game.

5.2.1. Tags must be set and used at all times regardless of whether or not you’re using our paintjob(s), driving with us or on your own.

5.2.2. In regard to (0.3 / 3.6) as stated you need a working microphone if trucking with any one of us in multiplayer.

5.2.3. All operatives must now attend at least two events per month, 1 hosted by us and another hosted either by our partners, third parties or TruckersMP / TruckersFM.

5.2.4. All operatives must now log at least 2500 KM or more per month in either single or multiplayer.

5.2.5. It is essential that our drivers obey the laws of the road and this also include stopping at traffic lights when necessary, we require all of our drivers to give way at junctions, traffic lights, stop signs and or roundabouts if there are traffic already on them. Driving through a red light whilst there are other players or traffic at them with a green light is seen as reckless driving, do bare in mind that we do not want reckless drivers in Alle Group.

6.0 – Official / Non Official, Public or Private Convoys / Events (TruckersMP)

6.1. It has always been a written rule within Alle Group that whomever is organising an event or convoy would be the one to lead the column, however this will be amended so that the organiser who planned the route(s) will be the lead pilot in front of the column behind the lead scout.

6.2. In all events or convoys it is essential that we are all in full colours, the same vehicles / trailers for a uniformed look and without any double or triple trailer combinations.

6.3. Beacons may only be used by both pilots and scouts at either end of the column, in order to help to reduce lag however hazard warning lights may only be used if recommended by lead CC staff.

6.4. DO NOT bring a loaded trailer with you to any event or convoy, in order to reduce the risk of incurring damages to loads from being in collision with another player ALL trailers must be empty.

6.5. Voice comms must be kept to a minimum amount of chatter from participants in order for CC staff to clearly provide information and or instructions to the rest of the column.

6.6. Pilot vehicles must Never use black or pink paint work on their vehicles, as they need to be seen by other players and due to their primary role evolving around visibility they need to be as bright a colour as possible.

6.7. Depending on how many participants there are we will require : x2 pilots if 5 participating or less, x4 pilots if 10 participating or less, x6 if 20 participating or less, x8-10 if 30+ participating

6.8. Pilot trucks must keep to a speed limit of 80 KMH on highways, 40-70 KMH on smaller roads and 50 KMH within cities. Scout cars must keep to a speed limit of 90-110 KMH on highways, 40-70 KMH on smaller roads and 50 KMH within cities.

6.9. Should the tail end of the convoy fall behind at any point then the lead pilot must instruct whichever pilot(s) are in between the tail pilot and the centre pilot to slow down in order for the tail to catch up, if need be the column can be pulled off the road into a rest stop or gas stop until the tail catches up.

6.1.0. Whoever joins the event or convoy late they must not at any point attempt to overtake the rest of the column in order to get to where they need to be, the tail pilot will pull over onto the hard shoulder (emergency lane) so that the participant can over take them and once that is done the tail pilot may re-merge onto the road

6.1.1. Other VTC’s and their drivers may not overtake anyone in the column to either get to or to get back to where their VTC(s) are positioned within the column unless authorised to do so by convoy control.

6.1.2. Should we or you encounter any trolls during an event / convoy then you are to ignore them for the duration that they are around and if need be record if you’re able to, report them for whatever offences they do or make and also make the pilots / convoy or event staff aware of the potential issue / threat.

6.1.3. When hosting or participating in an event or convoy it is now advised that we keep a distance of 50-200 meters away from the player in front of us / you in case of sudden break down, engine malfunction, brake checking, or lag.

6.1.4. The official paint job to be used for official convoys or events is our standard white / green livery to be used on both truck and trailer.

6.1.5. You will be asked to switch your trailer if you show up with a low bed or lowloader as alike double or triple trailers these will no longer be allowed for us to bring to official convoys or events.

6.1.6. All Alle Group organised convoys or events should be done at least 2 weeks to a month in advance, this gives people who have been invited or our operatives the time to decide if whether or not they are attending.

6.1.7. All Alle Group personnel have the option to opt out for participating in any of our own hosted convoys or events, including any convoys or events organised by third parties.

7.0 – Player Names / Tags | Paint job

7.1. Depending on which department you’re in and if the game allows for in-game player names, then we require all operatives to wear our tag at all times when in the game as not only do you represent our company but it also allows for easy identification by not just ourselves but also in-game administration.

7.2. Player names must not in any way contain any racial or offensive slurs, hate related names or symbols or otherwise anything which can be seen offensive by other players.

7.3. It has now been made simpler to bear our company paint job, as we’re now only using one color on all trucks and trailers with a metallic paint job we have stamped out any confusion as to which color goes where. It is essential still that all drivers are in the correct paint job, as this is now officialy standard even for events.

8.0 – Staff Policy

8.1. It is essential that we have an active staff team who’re also capable of doing their job

8.2. All staff members should conduct their jobs on a professional standard but to also treat everyone else with respect regardless of the situation.

9.0 – Partnership Policy

9.1. We may only consider partnering with another company if they have been validated by TruckersMP

9.2. All partnering companies must be active both in-game and within the community

9.3. A partnering company may not at any point recruit or attempt to recruit any former driver from Alle Group if they have been dismissed by us for either violating our CP’s or TruckersMP rules.

9.4. Alle Group will not attempt to recruit any former driver from a partnering company whom have been dismissed by them for either violating their CP’s or TruckersMP rules.

9.5. As a requirement but not essential a partnering company should attend at least one of our public events per month

9.6. All partnering companies have an opportunity of joining our external convoy control team

10.0 – Leave of Absence Policy

10.1. All drivers and staff are subject to a six month absence time frame if there is a valid reason to be on leave for a long period of time

10.2. Should any of our drivers or staff become inactive without notice for six weeks or more then they will automatically be set to LOA for the duration of six months, on or after this period should the driver(s) or staff members remain inactive without notice they will be dismissed from the company.