By following this simple guide you will be able to not only select but to also set your paint job with ease.
This guide were created in order to prevent confusion or frustration from our new drivers who are not too savvy with how the newly updated workshop works in-game since the 1.38 / 1.39 update where SCS Software had implemented a long awaited feature for American / Euro Truck Sim players which is the ability to copy and or paste, even type out specific color codes in order to correctly match your paint job to the rest of the fleet, or to the fellow players you are trucking with. 

Here at Alle Group we have two sets of liveries which our drivers can chose from when in-game, now do note that this is TruckersMP only as our single player skins can only be set one way whereas in TruckersMP when using the Duelist paint job it can work two ways providing that your trailer matches the colors which have been set.

As you can see from the screenshots above driver X has correctly set their paint job by using the hex code method of which is something that we at Alle Group are advising all of our drivers to do as it is much more simpler than having to mess around with the color chart in order to match up the colors.

As you can see our standard livery below is a bi-way setting which means that it can work either way so long as they are the correct colours, now we do have multiple color options available of which are divisional based colors for:
– Reefer Division
– Biomas Division
– Freight Division
The divisions listed above are sub-divisions of our Logistics division of which officially is painted white and green as you can see below however for both reefer and freight there are different colors as mentioned in #the-garage on our Discord server as this is where you can find all the info on our paint jobs including the hex codes we’re using for them.

We also have Specialized Transport Division which is where our most experienced drivers are able to transport ADR / hazardous or otherwise categorized as abnormal or unsafe loads from point A to point B, and alike our Logistics Division there are sub-divisions which are:
– Heavy Haulage
– Hazmat
– Armed Forces

Each of these have their own paint jobs to chose from and the hex codes you can find in #the-garage on our Discord server along with a preview image of how the vehicle or trailer is supposed to be painted.