I just wanted to make everyone aware of the latest updates not just to our website but also our communal side of things as well. As you all can see our website has been going through some updates to make it look a lot cleaner or fresher with some more / new information added to it also, there will be more bits and pieces to add to it and they will be added soon though in the mean time the website now falls in line with our requirements.

Our TruckersMP page has undergone some updates as well in regard to our staff structure as new roles have been added, some have been separated into two different teams. There will also be an update to the page information soon which should look a lot cleaner and more up to date with things, and as we are now nearing 50+ drivers on our page we will soon be looking into getting our VTC verified by TruckersMP which will open the door to new features and availability.

Our Discord server has undergone quite a lot of work on and off over the months and more recently undergone a major overhaul around the start of the new year to bring it in-line with our new requirements.

For the company as a whole?
We have slowly been expanding more and growing in number which is a good thing as we are now in a position where we are re-opening divisions, departments but also we have been taking a good look at our staff personnel and seeing where exactly they fit within our staff structure. This is an on-going thing at the moment due to the fact that some of our staff personnel have been inactive or on leave of absence for some time though none the less operations continue as normal.



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