Cerebal Palsy Awareness


November 3rd 2021

We will be having a 13 hour convoy.

This convoy will start with the Truckfest at 10 am BST with six route.

This convoy is to raise awareness about cerebral palsy, this is why we are having it every year.

It will be around the same date so it coincides with cerebral palsy awareness week. we will be choosing a different charity each year that helps individuals and family’s that are touched with and affected by cerebral palsy.
Around 2,000 babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy every year in the UK. What the future holds for these babies is sadly often unknown as the severity of symptoms associated with cerebral palsy varies so greatly from one child to another.
Cerebral palsy refers to a group of conditions that affects a persons movement and coordination.
It is caused by a problem with the brain which can occur before, during or soon after birth.
Symptoms usually become apparent in a child’s first three years of life and they will experience lifelong difficulties.
They can experience lifelong difficulties with movement and coordination, but parents are often keen to know exactly how their own child will be affected.
Whether they’ll be able to walk and live independently during adulthood. Unfortunately, making predictions like this is difficult at present, leaving many families with uncertainty.
As this Cerebral palsy affect every individual differently and the severity of the symptoms they may have means that every persons story and family’s.
Journey is different we have chosen ACTION MEDICAL RESEARCH as our charity this year.
Action is determined to help, which is why we’re funding vital research into cerebral palsy that might one day provide answers.

Please help us support this amazing charity and get the word out there about Cerebral Palsy. Our link


Nov 03 2021


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