I hope everyone’s doing well.
So far this year has gone off to a good start as things here have been rather hectic over the past week or two with a flood of new operatives coming in and a shit tone of deliveries being made, our agricultural department have also been hard at work over on our Farm Sim server after it had been updated with a new map, some new mods and more.
I am pleased to announce that currently and in VTC terms we are only three drivers away from reaching 50 of which is great and means that we’re not far away from being able to request verification from TruckersMP, this would then open a new window of opportunities for the VTC as a whole as it would also mean that our status within the community would be elevated to a point where we’re not just an ordinary company but an affiliated company within the TruckersMP community.

If or when this happens then we would expect the following:

  • All drivers and staff to drive with an experienced and professional manner
  • For neither of our drivers or staff to be penalized for silly mistakes made in-game, this typically meaning that no driver or staff member getting themselves banned for being an idiot.
  • A more formal presence within the TruckersMP community, a more formal presence at all official events or convoys and such which should be high in number.

Over the past week I have been discussing with members of the executive team, along with upper staff plans to officially open or re-open our divisions. Now at this current time only our heavy haulage division has officially been re-opened whereas all other divisions will not open until we reach 50+ drivers for the VTC and also a verified status from TruckersMP, the new proposed divisions are as follows:

  • Reefer (Refridgerated Division) (Sub-Division of Logistics)
  • Biomas Division (Sub-Division of Logistics)
  • Heavy Haulage Division (Specialised Division)
  • Hazmat Division (Specialised DIvision)
  • Freight (Container) Division (Sub-Division of Logistics)
  • Armed Forces (Not just for those who have served, but also for those taking part in rememberance service events on specific dates and times.) (Specialised Division)

These divisions will have their own staff structure within the division themselves and may not require drivers or staff to be at a certain level before joining them. Once however a driver has joined one of these divisions they cannot cross-join the other divisions as once you’re part of a specific division then we’d require you to only be doing jobs exclusively for that division. By opening up these divisions for our drivers we are able to offer bonusses for our team(s) which will include: Custom SP skins, division only events / convoys, the chance for our drivers to connect with other divisional personnel.

Under our Logistics division there are three sub-divisions which can be applied for by new drivers within a week of their application(s) being accepted by our Human Resources Team. Once they apply to join either one of the divisions they should allow up to 48 hours for a member of HR to review the application and to liaise with the manager(s) for that division, once they have been accepted they will be given the required content such as SP skins, and or the multiplayer profile for use.

Divisions explained…

Our logistics division mainly deal with light to heavy goods of which start their journey fresh from the farms, the factories, processing plants, warehouses / distrubution centres to finish their journey at the stores, markets, restaraunts, pubs and more!

Our logistics division is what keeps us all going 24/7, 365 days a year so what a better way to begin your trucking career.

Our fleet include:

DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania & Volvo – 4×2 – 6×4 trucks ranging between 500-750 HP

Curtainsiders, Reefer trailers, Flat bed trailers, Insulated trailers, Walking floorbed trailers, 20-40ft extendable freight trailers, Log trailers and food tankers – Dual / Tri-Axel.

Specialised Division:
Our team of experienced drivers have taken upon the most risky task of transporting cargo / loads that are deemed either risky, abnormal or too hazardous for the less experienced driver to handle.

Being part of our Specialised division means that you are one of the veteran truckers within the company who’re more than capable of handling the loads that you will be tasked to transport, it is a challenging and time critical job to do within Alle Group that requires you as a driver not only to be more alert when on the roads but to also keep in mind the safety of not just yourself but the other road users as it also requires you to drive with a lot more care and attention.

Our fleet include:

DAF, MAN, Scania & Volvo – 6×4 – 8×4 trucks ranging from 500 – 750 HP

Flatbeds, Tanker trailers, Low loader trailers, Low bed trailers – tri / quad axel.

Each division will have their own paint job livaries of which can be painted in one order or the other, for example…Like this Logistics paint job:

Aside from these divisions there will be an issued announcement soon regarding our departments, our plans for them and the different staffing structure they will have.



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