Warehousing & Distrubution

Our logistics department oversees our warehousing and distrubution services from all over the world

Transportation Services

Our transportation department oversees our public and commercial transportation services worldwide

agricultural & forestry services

Our agricultural & forestry department oversees the arable, livestock and forestry services

Who are we?

We are Alle Group

Founded in mid 2020 Allegiant Group became the parenting company and main operator of Alle Logistics, Alle Connect, Alle Airways & Alle Farms.
Originally we started out as Allegiant Transport & Logistics and over time we have not only grown but have also expanded our business venture with the creation of new departments for our Logistics, transportation & agricultural / forestry sectors.

What services do we provide?

Warehousing & distribution

No matter where you are in the world we aim to provide an excellent service from all of our depots worldwide in an efficient and timely manner.


Whether on land, sea, air or rail we aim to provide an excellent public and commercial service to various destinations worldwide.

Agriculture / forestry

Our farmers are proud to support the local supermarkets, power stations by supplying fresh grain / livestock, milk or materials used for bio-mas. But that isn’t all, they are also keen forestry workers who love converting cut down trees into materials used in every day life from the paper we use to the fire keeping us warm at night along with the electricity keeping the world going.

Convoy & events

We are frequently getting ourselves inolved in convoys and events, whether we’re hosting our own or supporting our partners. We also aim to provide an excellent escort service with our very own Special Escort Group who are on hand to assist in the control of and execution of any convoy or event organised.

Monthly Statistics

Kilometeres driven
Deliveries made
Total revenue

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join Alle Group?

This is entirely dependant on which game(s) you’re currently playing or where you have come across us. As we are a multi-gaming group consisting of different virtual companies all tied into one we have two different application types which are TruckersMP application and our web application. Our TruckersMP application process is a simple click to apply until TMP staff implement a full application system and we have been using this system for some time now as we previously used TruckyBot to handle our applications where on TMP it already answers the required questions thus giving us the much needed information about the player who wants to join, this is mainly used for American / Euro truck players or applicants. For all other virtual companies we run we have a web application via our website which applicants can fill out and in doing so we will then be notified of this, will review the application(s) and get back to the applicant as soon as possible.

Once you have submitted an application you could be invited to an interview by one of our HR representitives though in most cases this doesn’t happen unless we require more information from the applicant. You will then be asked to join our Discord server if you haven’t already done so where if successful you’ll be set to the appropriate role(s) for what you have applied for, with this being said however it is possible to apply for more than one of our companies or you can join either one at a later date.

How do I become a partner?

If you would like to support our virtual company by becoming a partner then you will need to speak with either our CEO or COO’s who will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the partnership proposal(s).

How do I join your SESC (Special Escort) team as an external contractor?

Our special escort group used to be an in-house thing where scout pilots and convoy control operatives were trained and managed by us, and despite this still being the case we are now offering anyone who’re interested the chance to join the team as an external contractor without having to be part of Alle Group. In order to join you will have to speak with our Director of Examinations to express your interest in joining as an external contractor, do bare in mind though that you will need to have some experience in the particular role otherwise you may need to be trained by our DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Authority) / Examinations team.

contact information

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